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Warehouse Operator - Night Shift


Dublin, IE

Shift Type:  Operations

General Operative 


We currently have an exciting number of  opportunities within the Warehouse/Distribution Department in Grange Castle for a General Operative. This role reports directly into the Warehouse Manager or Warehouse Supervisor.


Hours of work are as follows: 


  • Sunday 4pm to 4am
  • Monday 5pm to 5am
  • Tuesday 5pm to 5am
  • Every second Saturday (either 5pm – 11pm or 10pm – 4am)




  • Wednesday 5pm to 5am
  • Thursday 5pm to 5am
  • Friday 5pm to 5am
  • Every second Saturday (either 5pm – 11pm or 10pm – 4am)

Principle Accountabilities will include:



  • To sweep & clean all area’s of the warehouse
  • To remove all wrap & cardboard from pick tunnels
  • To bale all cardboard & wrap
  • To level off all pick tunnels
  • To remove all empty pallets & slave boards from warehouse
  • To remove all damages from pick tunnels to damages area
  • To tape up & return all salvaged damaged cases to pick bays


  • To place correct label on case & place on belt
  • To ensure the correct amount of cases are picked & placed on belt
  • To ensure the correct code is picked from correct location
  • To ensure to leave a gap between each product when placing on belt
  • Request Replens from MFC when required
  • Pick or return to correct bay all returns in front of tunnel
  • Inform shift Supervisor when pick is complete & all labels are placed on boxes


  • To place all boxes on correct pallet
  • To ensure pallet is built correctly
  • To ensure no damaged or open cases are placed on pallet
  • To ensure chutes are kept clear to prevent sortation system stopping
  • To ensure all reject cases are placed on correct pallets
  • To ensure no broken pallets are used to pack onto
  • To inform supervisor when wave is complete


  • To ensure that all pallets are loaded onto correct van
  • To ensure that van is loaded in the correct sequence
  • To ensure that all additions are placed onto the correct pallet
  • To ensure that all dry goods & POS are placed onto correct pallets
  • To check & load all 9078 bread picked in bulk are placed onto correct van in sequence
  • To ensure that all manifests are correctly placed on each pallet
  • To ensure 3 pallets from each van are probed at the correct temperature & recorded
  • To ensure that all pallets are wrapped & built correctly before loaded
  • To ensure no oversized pallets are loaded onto van
  • To ensure no broken pallets are loaded
  • Inform shunter when each van is finished loading


    Skills & Qualifications Required:

  • 1 year warehouse experience
  • Experience working in sub-zero temperatures
  • Fully flexibility with regards to hours of work


ARYZTA Food Solutions Ireland is an Equal Opportunities Employer